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Franck Bohbot - Chinatown (2014)


So I hear Gravity falls is coming back?!?!?!

this design is my older ‘super-falls’ thing I did like a year ago here


i guess??? they made a bad deal?? and things went sour and they… got quick involuntary haircuts… and symbols carved into them… so they could be used against their will as human sacrifices to feed an enormous and extra scary interdemensional demon??? that bill needs to settle a score with


 an explanation 

i totally had that the whole time

oh my god this is terrifying i am truly sorry hahaha


I like how genuinely terrifying this show can be.


This Haunting Graveyard Of Cars Has Abandoned In The Forest For Decades


Deep in a forest near the small Belgian village of Chatillon is a graveyard of abandoned rusty cars. Urban legend says that they once belonged to US soldiers stationed in the region in the 50s and 60s following WWII.  When the troops were sent home, they hid them in a forest until they could come back and retrieve them - but that never happened.

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not being at comic con like 


Bavarian Forest (by Kimmo Savolainen)